52 thoughts on “Update Scan – 11/07/12”

  1. Kevin V1 said: Agree fully. I am investing in TV box sets this Summer.

    Glad Sky is funding that lot and not the BBC. Sky would be nothing without sport so it’s very appropriate that they are paying out of their overflowing chest of subscribers money.
    I will be out and about, if the rain stops, not watching telly but if it’s raining I have a large library of films on disc to fall back on.

  2. I have queried with Freesat and had a response which says
    “Space launched on the following freesat boxes – Metronic HD, Humax HD, Humax DTR and Samsung DTR. Other boxes and freesat TVs to follow.”
    I hope the to ‘follow is’ quicker than the ITV Player saga with the future of The Space only definite until later this year as I understand at the moment…

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