31 thoughts on “Update Scan – 14/02/11”

  1. According to grahamlthompson on Digital Spy:

    “Pretty sure that it was already Channel 5. 306 and 307 appear to have have switched channels (Movies4men2+1 and Movies4men2, Creat&Craft looks as if it’s moved from 11037 V to 11307 V (might have been a typo in my list though ). Not checked the radio channels yet.”

  2. I’d not noticed those two Movies4Men channels were the opposite way around before today.

    Channel 5’s new branding looks ok, the DOG is a bit intrusive though, could do with being dimmed a bit.

  3. The Channel5 D.O.G is still in to the screen, i hoped they would shift to the same area E4 has it, right on the edge of the screen, and i agree, it is bright, and not the best.. and i like them on screen aswell!!!

  4. They have to keep it within the 4:3 ‘safe’ area for those still viewing on old fullscreen CRT sets (and there’s still probably a few of them). As the number of sets dwindle they’ll most likely take the decision to move it to the far left as E4 does. HD DOG’s are all to the far left/right as it’s assumed those watching in HD have 16:9 sets, purely as we all know they don’t make 4:3 HD sets!

  5. Why cater for the small few that still use a CRT and don’t watch the channel as it is meant to be seen, not using that blasted function called… 4:3 center cut out!!
    Put it to the edge and be done with it.. !!

  6. I suppose it’s down to the individual channel’s preference. C4 obviously aren’t bothered about the DOG centre-cut and cropped however other broadcasters do. I take your opinion though that the number of 4:3 only viewers must be down to 10% or less these days!

  7. I agree that the 5 DOG is far too bright and in the wrong place. Channel 5 seems to be showing adverts every few minutes and the channel ID is shown between adverts. With that many reminders about what channel we are trying to watch, do we need the DOG at all? I much prefer the No 10 cat.

    When you select a BBC channel, that annoying “Press red” icon appears in the top right corner. It is easily cleared by pressing green. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could clear DOGs with a single key presses.

  8. Jock: The Beeb have sorted the timeout issues with the Red Button now, mine times out after 10’ish seconds during ‘Press (red)’ text and 30 seconds during the ‘BBC iPlayer’ text. I presume it’s part of their scheduling so they can now promote red button video etc during certain programmes like they do on Freeview and Sky.

  9. #13 – Neil

    Many thanks for that. Mine seems to time out on my FoxSat-HD box, but is persistent on my Freeview HD box and the TV’s built-in Freeview tuner. Perhaps the Beeb still has some work to do.

    Meanwhile, what are we going to do about the DOGs?

  10. @Jock, i know with some Freeview boxes, you can set a time-out for press red icons, much like you can on a $$$ky box, so maybe worth a tinker around in the settings and see if it is hidden away, that or just have to stick to pressing green if it gets your goat bad enough! baa..

    I don’t mind D.O.G’s in the slightest, but even i will admit, the Channel5 one is nothing shy of appalling, it looks like a white boil that someone stamped a big fat 5 into, im told that it is going to be toned down over the course of this and next week, but still, does it have to be that bright, no!!
    I still say get it on the corner, out of the way, E4 led they way with that and you cannot fault them for that, get it where it should be, and stop catering for the small amount who watch it wrong! In center cut out! grr…

  11. I was worried the beeb may have gone down the same route as with Sky and Freeview in keeping that Press Red icon permanently on-screen with Freesat, glad they haven’t and was only an error.

    Good to see the C5 DOG to possibly be reduced in opacity, there’s no need for it to be kept at that level and agree it’s rather bright!!! Perhaps someone has finally listened!! Yep, I agree that it would be better put the far left despite the 4:3 centre-cut issue!

  12. Phil, pressing ‘Return’ on my TV (the equivalent of ‘Back Up’ on a Sky Remote) does the same thing. It used to be annoying how on Freeview the message used to keep popping up between every programme, glad the beeb haven’t done that in the MHEG scheduling/code for us Freesatters!

  13. Just noticed what the other change is following Monday’s update:
    ITV1 +1 is now labelled simply as that without any dual regional identity!

  14. I thought that was just me and not paying attention enough, but yes, they have now removed the region off the name for ITV1+1, good spot @Neil

  15. Indeed. I presume the regional names were only there temporarily to ensure everything was set up correctly to make sure the right macro regions were going to the right postcodes.

    The extra text only drew attention to the fact many people were not getting a timeshifted version of their conventional ITV1 region and, of course, the old regional names aren’t part of the channel branding any more.

  16. The Channel5 D.O.G has not only reduced the brightness, it has inverted its self now, so instead of looking like a bingo ball, it is not a 5 with an almost invisible circle around it! Make your minds up Channel5..

  17. maybe they are just checking what looks best in regular broadcast … or they are morphing into the werwolf and vampire channel ie the 5 in front of a full moon …

  18. yuk … whilst in their trailers/teasers its looking okay atm the onscreen logo looks just ugly … they should at least incircle it .. with a c (for channel) or a full circle or some such …

  19. I put C5 on last night and there was no DOG there at all! It was after midnight when the Roulette was on so maybe was removed for that? Just tried again but still no sign of it, presumably as it’s the Milkshake programming with it’s own DOG??

  20. @Neil, they never have the D.O.G onscreen for the gaming they broadcast over night.
    You’re not missing much, its a tacky and bland white number 5 with an almost invisible circle around it! @satom sums it up…. ”yuk” 🙂

  21. @ Neil

    I you haven’t eaten you might have a look – it is on now … if everything with less background than ever … (pun intendend)

  22. Have just checked, and the 4 changes that happened are: ‘Five’ to ‘Channel 5’, ‘ITV1+1 [region]’ to ‘ITV1+1’, ‘95.8Capital FM’ to ‘Capital FM’ and ‘AbsoluteC.Rock’ to ‘Abs C Rock’.

  23. is it just me or have c4 tests on 12607 stopped all together – only get an empty tp with no signat at all now … anyone knows anything?

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