32 thoughts on “Update Scan – 16/12/10”

  1. Have appeared on Bush HD and Humax Foxsat HDR boxes. Note that the ‘Interactive’ genre is now ‘On Demand’. ITV Player currently showing ‘Arriving soon in 2011’

  2. hi all on my panasonic it says arriving soon in 2011 so at least panasonic this time got fingers out and and doing some homework on updating tv sets.

  3. Could this have been the news that Graham North at Humax keeps hinting at in his emails or is there some other kind of upgrade coming too?

  4. The Freesat info channel says the BBC iPlayer is now on channel 901. It’s still not showing up on my box. Like Robert says Interactive’ genre is now ‘On Demand’

  5. There on the Technisat HDFS, BBC iPlayer functional and ITV Player available in 2011….. come on 4OD we want you next 🙂

  6. Yeah!! both i-players show on my freesat tvs… Booo! I’ve got a panny TH42PZ81B + TX32LZD81 (2008) & the s/w isn’t up to date yet. Hurry up Panasonic, my dads just bought a Samsung & his i-player works out of the box.

  7. Do these channels only show if you have a valid Ethernet connection in to the back of the STB or TV? I’m not at home tonight so can’t check.

    I wonder if they have plans to add the forthcoming RadioPlayer to 902 in the future?? I saw a demo of this back in October at a conference and it’s written to be complaint with various STB’s, Freesat also hinted in a previous market research questionnaire about their interest in adding it to the platform at a later stage.

  8. Panasonic 2008 freesat TV’s still not working, note on the player page ‘update for these models shortly’ When???????

  9. @Neil

    The Radio Player would be brilliant. At present, I can only get this through the Wii iPlayer and it is great, but a pain to have to switch to another service as opposed to our lovely Haxsat HD.


  10. Justin: I was aware of the need for an Ethernet connection, just wanted to know what is displayed, or if the 901/903 LCN’s are available to non-Ethernet connected HD boxes. I found out for myself this afternoon as I checked it out on my Freesat Panasonic (2009) BS750 BluRay/PVR which although connected doesn’t yet support iPlayer. Not an issue for me though as my 2009 Panasonic TV does which both work fine.

    Paul: RadioPlayer isn’t yet released. There’s a few test stations using a closed beta test version, it’s supported by all the UK’s main commercial groups together with the BBC and would make a great on-demand addition to Freesat when it launches fully, scheduled around February.

    I believe Freesat are also in discussions with Channel 4 about 4OD.

  11. @Neil

    I am sorry, I meant to say that the Wii has the BBC Radio Listen Again option on their version of the iPlayer. Great for the Archers, Clare in the Community, Ed Reardons Week etc.


  12. No worries Paul. There must have been discussions about including BBC Radio on the Freesat iPlayer but probably dropped maybe so a future RadioPlayer app can potentially launch on the platform?

  13. @Neil

    Thanks for that. Either way, some sort of radio app would be advantageous and, I would suggest popular with a fair slice of Freesat and iPlayer supporters.

    Back to sweeping snow…………

  14. Out of curiosity are Freesat still running their ads on ITV? I’ve not seen any for a while but then again don’t watch a lot of ITV itself so may have missed them? They should run a few radio ad campaigns across the larger commercial radio stations, cheaper and I reckon would be just as, if not more, effective.

  15. HI
    I got the channels on the channel list. But it cant connect as it says you need an internet connection though i have been connecting it through ethernet cable. ANY IDEAS WHY?

  16. @Mura

    I had a similar problem on Saturday. I switched to another channel and then back to 901 and it was up and running. May have just taken some time to connect to the ethernet.

    Will try it again later.


  17. Having the Pani TX-L37V10B tv as a slave to my Pani DMR BS850 means I appear to have the worst of both worlds – as the TV is not coming through the freesat link, but regular ariel and the DVD recorder is not getting iplayer, yet.

  18. No 903 ITV player showing on my Humax foxsat-hd or Foxsat hdr only showing BBC iplayer on 901. I’m in STV region if that make any difference whether i get ITV Player or not?


  20. Does anybody know how to connect a DVR-5006 dvd recorder to Goodman GFSAT 100SD box,when there is no out aerial socket to make a loop through been trying for two weeks.

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