Update Scan – 18/05/11

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

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1 changed – 809 JML Cookshop renamed 809 JML Choice

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  1. Well, as they are there and have been for some time – I guess someone is watching them!!!!!

    If they help to support the platform, great – there is always the “next” button on the remote.


  2. Small niche channels are critical to the success of Freesat. Suspect the majority of channels will be classed as “utter rubbish” to most but they are fundamental earners for Freesat, so embrase them all 🙂

  3. Just to change the subject a little, isn’t it time that ITV1 HD started transmitting full hi-def suround sound like the BBC and Channel 4 HD (I mean the quality of Ch.4 HD picture alone has me blown away, even some of the 1940s films are like they were made yesterday!!!). Getting back to ITV HD, I am hearing impaired but I cannot even get subtitles so have to go back to standard def for subtitles (even though I have this impairment I can still appreciate surround sound, it does add a big + to enjoyment, it is just some of the progs., especially, though not always, American made ones seem ‘muzzy’ to me, sound wise. Anyone agree? or is it just me?

  4. Yeah, ITV’s HD channel really sucks. It doesn’t even have a Teletext stream which would allow you to use the Sky subtitles on some boxes (presumably those are handled differently with the HD channels on Sky, because none of the HD channels on Freesat have Teletext streams, unlike most of the SD ones).

  5. I have to say i find many of these comments quite belittling, and in some ways insulting. I have watched this station many times and i quite like it – Alternative viewing is very entertaining, and in someways enlightening. And as the other users have stated these channels represent Freesat’s bread and butter… in all honesty folks have some respect.

  6. I am sorry liam, but unless you work for ITV I don’t understand how you find these comments ‘insulting’?. And how can you call ITV 1 (or ITV1 HD) ‘Alternative viewing’. I would think ITV Executives would find that ‘belittling and in some ways insulting’. As to having some respect, would you rather we all shut up and make no comments as to what we believe?

  7. Thanks for the support Muzer, I can get subtitles on BBC 1 HD and BBC HD and Ch4 HD, just none on ITV HD, just to clarify.

  8. Ron@ 10 – I think you will find Liam is not talking about ITV but in fact “Cookshop”. Anyhow thats the way I read it.

  9. @11: Yeah, what I was trying to say that on most SD channels on my FOXSAT-HDR I can get Freesat subtitles in the usual way, but I can also get Sky subtitles by opening Teletext (press subtitles on the remote and press up, then OK) and going to page 888, because if I’m not mistaken, that’s how Sky subtitles for SD channels work. This doesn’t work for HD channels (only the Freesat subtitles are available), which leads me to believe that Sky handle subtitles differently on HD channels (perhaps in the same way as Freesat, using standard DVB subtitles?)

  10. Re:JML. Superb channels. Best market stalls on Freesat.
    (No I don’t work for them).
    Reminds me of K-Tel.

  11. BTW, was today’s change definitely a renaming, admin? Because I know that both JML Cookshop and JML Choice are (or at least were) on FTA satellite on Eurobird 1. So, has JML Cookshop literally just turned into another JML Choice, or has the Freesat data been changed to point to JML Choice instead, and JML Cookshop is still running off-EPG?

  12. Ron@10 – I was actually talking about the JML channel Cookshop now known as choice, and referring to the first few comments – Correct me if i am wrong, but is that not the main subject of this thread?

  13. embrace them all as they help pay for the platform, even if you never watch any of these shopping channels, I can guarantee you that plenty do!

  14. I agree with dipper at 4 and admin 6, don’t care if Freesat has 600 channels that don’t appeal to me, as long as the channels that I do enjoy and watch, remain on Freesat.

    As i’ve said before, every channel added makes us stronger.

    Can I also thank the people who run this fine site, although I don’t post very often, I pop in most days, and have had many problems answered without even asking the question, so again thank you.

  15. I believe it is possible to get subtitles on ITV1HD London? I may be wrong however. I have the ITV1HD Granada feed for the better PQ and resolution so i can’t check unless i screw around doing a scan!
    I do think it is rather poor of ITV to not offer subtitles on the HD simulcasts, but as they are not required to, they most likely won’t bother. Not even the BBC are required to offer them on BBC One HD channel i found, and not too long ago they were not required to offer them on BBC HD either!
    Rather stupid but that is Ofcom for you and the terms and non-terms of a HD licence for a simulcast channel that is a PSB channel!

  16. I believe Monday’s update (there was one) was just The Jewellery Channel changing PID (as documented on Kingofsat, albeit marked as Tuesday – they are frequently quite late, however)

  17. Channel hopping last night food network UK had a promo video for their summer programming. It also stated that food network UK HD would be appearing on $ky HD this summer, Unfortunately no mention of freesat.

  18. @ Richard Crichton 24,

    I agree with your sentiments entirely. After being voted lifestyle channel of the year on freesat it would seem strange for them to ignore the following they have on this platform. It does seem strange however they have only confirmed their intention to launch their HD service on $ky.

  19. Its fairly possible they have only agreed a carriage deal with $ky and are yet to put pen to paper on one for Freesat and also Virgin Media aswell!
    What is likely here though is $ky have thrown the usual bucket of cash at them and it will be a pay channel and $ky can once again claim another HD channel in the package! I hope not but they did do unspeakable things to Channel4 in regards to Glee so they are on a roll maybe, and we all know $ky’s history!

  20. I have stopped watching ITV HD because they do not provide sub-titles. As a hard at hearing person and a lover of HD tv, it is unforgivable. I think Ofcom should give ITV a kick up the backside for not providing it!

  21. If you want surround sound and the channel dont deliver it, get a Music Processor that supports “Trifield”. (There is only one UK company but I wont advertise it)
    It makes a huge differance to 2 channel sound in a well set up Audio Visual system.
    Cheers, Chris 🙂

  22. #27 – Shane

    A fellow sufferer! I can get STV-HD and their subtitle coverage is good. ITV-HD simulcasts with ITV1, which usually does carry subtitles, so it is puzzling where they get lost.

    BBC-HD subtitle coverage is patchy, so it is not clear whatis going on.

    There’s two things you can try. Channels which carry subtitles usually give an e-mail address where you can contact the subtitling company (Red Bee Media?). Alternatively, contact the RNID here https://rnid.wufoo.com/forms/what-do-you-think-about-subtitles-on-tv/ and make a complaint.

  23. 26 – Ian: Over in the US at the moment and just popped in to check out what’s been happening back home. Have Sky taken Glee from C4? Not that I like it one bit but curious as I read in Broadcast that Sky were interested.

    Would be good to see Food Network HD on the platform too, fingers crossed!

  24. I’m thinking about getting Freesat, but am wondering, will channels like Yesterday, Watch, Dave etc ever be added to the service? Surely if they went fully free to air, they would make more money from the adverts then they would through subscription fees.

    Yeah I’m kinda limited at the moment as family says we’re moving house soon, so not allowed to install a dish, its like I have no say, after lurking your site/reading freesat news, not having it is kinda depressing lol

    By the way, keep up the good work, your site is awesome and you have a good community here too.

  25. Matthew: nobody is sure whether Yesterday and Dave will john the platform but the general concencus is that lack of narrowbeam capacity and contractual deals with Sky are to blame. It may stay encrypted on Satellite and not appear on the platform but our hope would be that one day it will.

    In terms of HD Freesat is ahead of Freeview and with more rumoured HD channel launches later in the year it will be a much sounder proposition than what HD Freeview will offer!

  26. #31 – Matthew

    Our local B&Q is selling off SD satellite kits for £25. They contain 65cm dish, LNB, SD receiver (not Freesat) and a satfinder kit to set it all up. The dish mount (they say) will allow you to install it at ground level (lawn, patio, etc). If you can get a line of sight to the bird you could experiment with reception, channel selection, etc, then take it with you when the family moves and get it properly installed. At that stage you could buy a Freeview HD receiver and be fully equipped. All for 25 quid!

  27. 35 Jock
    You don’t need experience of a device to know what it does and it certainly is a great innovative Freesat box.

  28. I agree, the Echostar Slingbox is a good device, I had a demo of one recently, worthy of a vote.

  29. My very elderly mother has freesat and I have the enviable task of trying to get her to change channels by telling her over the phone which buttons to press…

    She normally has BBC West (invariably BBC2) but occasionally seems to get BBC Ulster. No idea why – nothing knowingly changed – any explanation?



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