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Aug 18 2011

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

0 added –
1 deleted – 400 Wedding TV
13 changed – 142 True Entertainmnent, 302 True Movies 1, 303 True Movies 2, 500 Chart Show TV, 501 The Vault, 502 Flava, 503 Scuzz, 516 NME TV, 517 Bliss, 603 Pop, 604 Pop Girl, 605 Tiny Pop, 606 Kix! frequency change (to 11307 V 27500 2/3)

71 Responses to “Update Scan – 18/08/11”

  1. Alan M Says:

    There was also a software update for Sagem drt94320 boxes


  2. Bob Says:

    Any reason given for all the frequency changes? New channels coming?


  3. Shane Says:

    @ Bob, Probably finally decided to move from frequency that was effected by Dect phones.


  4. Sean Says:

    No sign of Channel 903 becoming available for other Freesat HD users (other than Humax) ?

    When contacted ITV, they didn’t know when ITV player would become available for the other Freesat HD boxes/TVs.

    “Coming soon” can be a matter of days, weeks, months or even years….


  5. steve 1 Says:

    The new scan I thought it was automatic now. I had to do a manual scan


  6. Paul. Says:

    My Humax updated overnight automatically. Would you have been recording something overnight that would have prevented an update taking place, Steve?


  7. steve 1 Says:

    No Paul I went to the vault 501 nothing there.worse things happen at sea!


  8. Keith Says:

    Anybody know why Wedding TV has pulled out?


  9. Alvin Pritchard Says:

    Yes Keith, Weddings have gone out of fashion, besides, Nobody can afford them anymore!


  10. Shaun Says:

    Wedding TV still available, if you manually tune in Non-Freesat mode


  11. steve 1 Says:

    If you are very upset losing the wedding channel you need to get out more.


  12. Paul. Says:

    I was wrong when I replied to Steve earlier and said that my Humax had fully updated itself overnight. I based that statement purely on the fact that Wedding TV had been deleted – however, although the deletion had been done, some or all of the frequency changes had not been made. I, like Steve, had to force a tune to get the music channels back.


  13. Lee Says:

    Technisat automatically tuned in fine no problems


  14. steve 1 Says:

    What is going on with humax?


  15. Mark S Says:

    It’s the latest Humax software not updating channels automatically until 3am that has left Humax boxes with no signal message on CSC channels unless manually retuned.
    Also had to retune Dance Nation on non freesat mode and that was already on 11307


  16. steve 1 Says:

    Yes but 3am was hours before I put box on @ 9am


  17. steve 1 Says:

    To admin I keep on losing my name and email settings its not run by humax software is it?.joke


  18. admin Says:

    @steve 1

    Not likely otherwise you’d have to wait 5 minutes for the page to load each time you want to see the site updates 😉


  19. steve 1 Says:

    I read somewhere that the new sat 1N won’t be used in the UK for long as it we be used in other places inc France and Germany.what does this mean to freesat?


  20. Keith Says:

    There is no need to be rude. I was just asking as to the reason that the channel had come off the main menu. I am fully aware that is still on the non-freesat menu as I do have enough intelligence to check it out for myself.
    [admin edit]


  21. steve 1 Says:

    Sorry Keith it wasn’t personal I meant in general and it was only a jokey comment


  22. IrishMJ Says:

    Glad to see the CSC channels have moved. One of my Bush HD boxes had issues with that frequency, the other didn’t. Now everything is hunky dory :)


  23. Keith Says:

    Apology accepted and forgiven. Part of this was probably me being a little over sensitive as well.


  24. steve 1 Says:

    That is the trouble when you write something its taken as face value I have always been a comedian if a bad one.I still think the humax is a well made box but these problems has to be ironed out.


  25. Neil Says:

    Steve 1: 1N will be used for the next couple of years (or 18mths at least) until SES launch 2E, F and G which will ultimately take over from 2A, B, D and 1N.

    1N is to provide much needed spotbeam capacity until these new satellites arrive, it will hopefully allow Freesat to flourish technically (although not necessarily politically with Sky’s influence) and any service wanting to go FTA on a UK spotbeam should in essence be able to as 2D is currently full.

    FYI: reports are that 1N is now currently being tested at 2.3E.


  26. steve 1 Says:

    Thanks neil for clearing that one up.maybe we will have 5hd we will live in hope


  27. Neil Says:

    We definitely will one day, like 4HD were, they are tied in with Sky. How long for we all don’t know! I think we should all be happy to get 5* and 5USA first!


  28. Muzer Says:

    Hmm… I wonder why CSC has changed their transponder? Is the new one still on Eurobird (I assume it is)… if so, I can’t see much of a reason for doing it (aside from the wireless telephone interference previously mentioned – but since that only affects people with both wireless phones near the wiring, and poor quality wiring, it’s not likely to be much of an issue IMHO).

    And as for Wedding TV – I am curious why it closed, but it will not be missed by any member of our household, so it’s not a problem at all for me.

    @admin: How do you know nowadays when there’s been an update? Do you purely go by DS reports, or do you keep a Humax with the old software so you can see?


  29. Ciaran Says:

    Rather confusing, as Astra 2C is currently at 19.2E, where 1N will eventually end up. Surely it makes more sense just to move 2C back to 28.2E and laucnh 1N at 19.2?


  30. admin Says:


    I usually receive a update feed from Freesat so normally post the information first, or just before it happens, but I don’t always receive them so sometimes rely on the kind visitors to this site that love sending me a reminder 😉


  31. Keith Says:

    Admin, I am just curious, why did you edit my earlier post when it was just an honest response to a remark I didn’t like which has since been apologised for and forgiven? The original question I asked still hasn’t been answered. Do you why Wedding TV has been pulled? Are you aware of any new channels coming on and if so what are they?


  32. Neil Says:

    Ciaran – 2C has a widebeam footprint so channels can’t broadcast without encryption, like they can on 2D, so useless for most UK broadcasters wanting to join the platform and broadcast FTA.

    1N marks quite a moment in UK DTH Satellite capacity as until now, Sky has had the last say about spotbeam capacity on 2D with them hogging the last five transponders (to halt Freesat’s development). This won’t be an issue any longer which is good news to all of us and further reduces Sky’s manipulation as the “Satellite TV gatekeeper” as has been the way technically for a fair while.


  33. admin Says:


    Just edited part which told the other poster where to go; this is a family show, despite the apology. This isn’t digitalspy 😉

    Not sure where Wedding TV has gone, though we did read somewhere that it was a temporary removal.


  34. steve 1 Says:

    Don’t worry admin I will take it on the chin


  35. ian Says:

    Naughty words in use again eh.. Makes a change its not me :)

    Sky knew exactly what they was doing by taking totally unnecessary spot beam space leaving no one wanting to go FTA with spot beam and only wide.. And some say that Sky play nice!!!!! My arse they do, they are as dirty as a dog in a mud-bath!
    Still, roll on 1N and they can go swivel :)


  36. Neil Says:

    Just think, if Sky never used 2D there would be five more Txp’s to fill with channels, potentially FTA. I suppose as much as I hate Sky their dirty tactics aren’t much different to how other world-wide conglomerates operate to protect their businesses, still doesn’t make it right though.

    I wonder if Sky’s top dogs were all sat watching 1N’s launch like SES’s would be? I expect SES’s management were popping the Champagne after the 27min separation where as Sky’s were not! The only thing we can now hope is that Sky don’t open their wallets to buy channels out of going FTA as there’s no longer any technical limitations etc. I would quietly like to think UKTV might in the future bring their Freeview FTA line up over to Freesat too, even more now Scripps are involved who already have a presence on the platform. I read too that BBC Worldwide want to take their share up to 60% too which would give them a controlling interest.


  37. Billy bass Says:

    Freesat was launched to cover the uk,for people who cannot get freeview,so it makes sense for quest,dave,and other freeview channels to hop on board freesat when 1n goes live,but as we know freesat is bigger than it was intended to be and still growing,i wouldant be surprised in the future some pay tv ended up on freesat !


  38. ian Says:

    You’re not wrong Neil, that is the case, that BBC Worldwide want to take it to 60% but thats is of course, if Scripps want to let them have it because they won’t be the bitch of the pack like Virgin Media were! That was part of the hold up. Scripps wanted 50-50 in everything, including decisions, and now they have it, meaning they agreed the deal with Virgin Media, BBC Worldwide want an additional 10% so they get the ‘control’ back if you like, although they have ‘said’ (used loosely) that is won’t affect board room decisions and it will be equal but thats bull and most know it!

    I too hope that Sky keep their grubby mucky paws away from things but that won’t happen, we all know their tactics and they are plain and clear.. Be as dirty as possible!

    Would like to see the UKTV channels that are on Freeview his Freesat too, but me thinks with the HD and VOD tie-up they agreed with Sky a few weeks back cemented them as a DSAT paywall covered broadcaster on DSAT for some time to come! Love to be proven wrong here of course


  39. Neil Says:

    Cheers for the info Ian, I was rather confused by the ‘option to buy another 10%’ bit BBC Worldwide want as I thought too that Scripps had bought the equal 50% share owned by VM? So what your saying is that if the BBC get approval to buy another 10% then they’ll be paying Scripps some of what they’ve already paid back again?

    I suppose VM would have been against making the services FTA on multiple platforms where possible as, being a Pay TV operator, they would want to protect their interests. Now not part of UKTV however then there could be a different perspective on this although the BBC will also have an opinion, hopefully positive considering their support for the platform.

    I wouldn’t look too much in the HD variants, they were always going to go to Sky as UKTV wouldn’t be able to make them all viable FTA, maybe, just maybe, they have renegotiated contracts with the current SD versions. Time will tell!


  40. Shaun Says:

    “From 9th September catch all the action on ITV1 HD and ITV Player on freesat.”

    Does this mean ITV Player via channel 903 will be available for the remaining Freesat HD boxes/TVs ?


  41. ian Says:

    From what i know of Scripps, they are a committed-to-FTA broadcaster, so having channels like Food Network and making that a success as a FTA channel and also getting it on Freeview (al be-it in a limited hours slot) says alot about them as a broadcaster IMO.
    If they were to go to BBC Worldwide and say they want to make some of the UKTV channels FTA on all platform and know that the loss in paywall money from Sky and VM would be recouped by the increase in ad revenue by having a bigger reach, and BBC Worldwide liking what they see, then yes, contracts won’t get renewed and we might well see channels such as Dave and Really follow the launches on Freeview with a launch on Freesat too. That is however, a good good while away if it ever happens.
    Scripps can’t just wade in and say we want all UKTV channels FTA ASAP because thats not how you begin a partnership, especially in this manner!

    Yes, BBC Worldwide would have to buy the 10% from Scripps and with that, they would HAVE to get approval from the BBC Trust (not sure what it has to do with them as they are supposed to get the best for licence fee payer and not the commercial side of the BBC..another discussion for another day perhaps!) And when the BBC Trust says ok then, if they ever do, then a good offer to Scripps and also, so guarantees and alot of assurances on top of it before buying and selling of stakes happens..
    Basically, BBC Worldwide are control freaks and the fact they had no choice but to relent to Scripps’ (rightly so) demand that it be fair and 50-50, unlike VM who were happy to be the bitch in the pack and let BBC Worldwide ‘have ultimate final say’ And the ‘we must ultimately make the final decision, not you’ Scripps will not work that way and now, because they have lost control from the days before, they want 10% to get it back!


  42. steve 1 Says:

    Is there 2 ian’s?


  43. Ciaran Says:

    @32 Neil
    Thanks for the reply, makes sense now


  44. Neil Says:

    Cheers for that info Ian, I never knew BBC WW were wanting to be the dominant player in UKTV although only being a 50/50 shareholder.

    I couldn’t ever see a position whereby all UKTV’s services would go FTA, it would just never happen, although it seems a selection of their channels are obviously FTA targetted and they see value in keeping the rest behind a paywall. From the press release, Scripps were saying that they were likewise a “committed FTA and pay-TV broadcaster” so working together with BBC Worldwide made good sense.

    How influenced are BBC Worldwide by the overall Corporation? I realise they are the commercial division but if the BBC as a whole wanted to increase support for Freesat and match it with it’s Freeview offerings would they have ultimate say over any pay settlement Worldwide would make (via UKTV) with Sky for contract renegotiations?

    Ciaran: No issues, 1N is now being tested in it’s designated test orbital slot and so far looking good from reception reports received.


  45. Peter Jamieson Says:

    I’ve noticed that since this upgrade the Freesat EPG on my Panasonic L37 V20B takes time to populate, which means that searches are a long slow process. Anyone else getting this?


  46. ian Says:

    I have no idea with regards to that you asked Neil, so i won’t blow smoke up your backside with a ‘DS’ style answer of crap and more crap lol :)

    I would imagine that with VM gone now, we may well see the Freeview FTA UKTV channels go the same way on DSAT, but i know as much as you with regards to that! If Sky throw a bucket of cash as UKTV to stay encrypted, and its more than a projected ad revenue return going FTA, they will take it obviously, but that remains a part of the unknown as i don’t know when the deals run-out and they don’t usually publish them, but il try, and i do say, try, to find out!
    And yes, BBC Worldwide were the bully before, and even though it was 50-50, they insisted on having final say on everything, even acquisitions they insisted on having the final say! While UKTV made VM a tidy sum each year, they were banged around the yard a fair bit. BBC Worldwide wanted that same arrangement with Scripps, and were rightly told to do one, that 50-50 meant exactly what it says on the tin and to deal with it, which is fair enough in any world. BBC Worldwide’s response is to want more equity to regain that control they had for free last time! I hope the BBC Trust say no and Scripps the same!

    Watch this space because it will develop and it will be interesting to say the least!

    1N news is good news aswell, which makes me a very happy man so far :)


  47. Neil Says:

    Cheers Ian. Interesting info about WW, never knew they were the ones who liked domination over the UKTV empire, then again I suppose it’s mainly BBC programming on there hence why they are so keen.

    The Scripps deal does sound like it will, in the long term, be a good thing for UKTV in terms of potential prospects. In honesty, I don’t miss Dave one bit but if the opportunity came up for it or Yesterday to be added to the platform then that would be good.

    I wonder why Wedding TV have disappeared? As admin says, it’s looking like being a temporary thing as it’s still listed on their site and on the “Freesat, what you get” area of the main Freesat site it says the service is temporarily unavailable. Perhaps the EPG renewal invoice is overdue payment?


  48. Neil Says:

    Looks like Panasonic’s current OTA software update ends on the 19th Sept, perhaps this is to make way for an update to those with 2008 sets who still don’t have iPlayer? They did say it was happening in September to people who enquired although most just didn’t believe Panasonic after feeling let down about it.


  49. ian Says:

    I’ll dance naked in Ljubljana (Slovene capital) eating pizza if Panasonic send out an update for them models!
    (I’m in Slovenia right now…) :)


  50. steve 1 Says:

    Lucky you Ian don’t forget humax I will dance to the birdie song !


  51. Neil Says:

    I bet they’ll need big dishes to receive Astra 2D and (soon) 1N over there!!!

    I personally can’t see it going by Panasonic’s let down to it’s 2008 customers but they did say September so lets see for once if they hold their promises. All my sets are 2009 models and when promised Sept ’10 for our iPlayer upgrade, in fairness, they did deliver.


  52. Muzer Says:

    They didn’t say it would be out September. They said it wouldn’t be out before September (in quite a rudely-worded email if I remember correctly).


  53. Neil Says:

    Ah, I didn’t realise that! I guess we’ll know nearer to the time what’s to come, if anything at all!


  54. ian Says:

    …Dancing to the birdie song is quite funny actually :)

    I’m told by the guy who runs a satellite dish installation company near here, that all the 28.2/.5 signals from the Astra 2 series and Eurobird 1, are receivable and with half decent signal, but the size of the dish yes… Large!!!! I’m getting most of it right now thanks to SkyGo (Lent to me by a mate..Im not cheating :) ) But will be getting the dish sorted as i now work here and not the UK.. I miss my Freesat box weirdly enough!


  55. Russ Says:

    The panasonic website currently states that they anticipate having a software update for the 2008 model in september. A tad too late as far as I am concerned, I have just sold mine along with my panasonic blu-ray home cinema system. Needless to say my new equipment is not panasonic.


  56. Neil Says:

    Ian, I think with a decent sized dish you’ll be sorted for 2D/1N.

    Just seen this too:

    Looks like the BBC are closing a transponder and dropping the Enhanced TV (ETV) video streams from seven to five. The important bit of all this is that they are moving Alba, Parliament and News over to existing 2D transponders, my aunt in the Canaries will be well cheesed off about this!


  57. ian Says:

    I’m even more happy with that! Although i have to say, i have missed the BBC World News channel, which IMO is streets ahead of the BBC News channel!
    I’ll take ads over the rigid boring BBC News channel any day, although having it would be ok i suppose. But getting the RedButton stuff will be a bigger bitch for me and the many folks that are abroad. Although to their credit, the BBC has said its to get it on the tighter 2D bird!
    Will need, at minimum, a 1.5 meter dish to get 2D and most likely the same for 1N aswell, although a 2meter i think would be more than good enough.


  58. Neil Says:

    I find BBC World News ok for more international stories but for domestic stuff the BBC News channel does it for me. I’m wondering if TP13 (what will carry BBC Radio + red button ETV streams) is to remain on 2A as they’ve not said anything about it changing transponder or going spotbeam (on 1N).


  59. steve 1 Says:

    To admin true entertainment are showing repeats of at home with the braithwaites and it was on at 9pm with a adult content warning on this channel and its on again at 6am without a warning has it been edited?


  60. Richard Crichton Says:

    The BBC seem to be in survival mode. Don’t expect any new services from the BBC this side of the 2015 election.


  61. Neil Says:

    It’s the BBC Trust who are making them reduce their distribution costs and the Red Button ETV streams were pointed out as an area where savings can be made. With newer Encoders and VBR stat-muxing they can easily fit seven services in to all their 2D transponders, I guess all seven ETV streams are seldom used at the same time too so most people won’t notice if two of them drop.

    They are removing one of the mosaics too, an entertainment/childrens one I believe, the news mosaic is to remain. I’d like to hope the news multiscreen mosaic will finally make it’s way to Freesat but that would be just wishful thinking and TV as we know it will probably become obsolete before it happens!!


  62. steve 1 Says:

    To @61 freeview had BBC news multiscreen but its been dropped its not that important with the news channel going in a loop and the BBC could spend the money elsewhere


  63. Neil Says:

    It is nice though to be able to catch the weather when you want it + other clips of rolling headlines etc. Maybe that’s the reason it’s never arrived on Freesat as it’s the next thing to face the chop?

    I never knew it ever existed on Freeview? If it did then they obviously got rid of it to save some bandwidth, just like they did with Ch.302 (the second interactive ETV stream).


  64. Muzer Says:

    It did exist on Freeview, yes. It started out life with two screens, sharing a quarter-screen stream with BBC Parliament (but MHEG was very limited back then, so there wasn’t enough physical space on the MHEG captions to make use of all 4 potential streams, so one was left blank – as video could not be moved or resized).

    Then I think it moved on to something a lot more Sky-like – I wasn’t really paying attention to Freeview at that time. Not sure how many video streams it had then.

    And finally, it was disabled and removed around the same time as 302 was.

    The video stream was always linked to 303, but it wasn’t accessible directly. The channel is still there pre-DSO at least, I think it’s the channel that the Mux B MHEG is associated with so it has to stay.


  65. steve 1 Says:

    To muzer it started with 2 and it did go to 4 screens in its short life.


  66. Neil Says:

    Cheers Muser, now you mention it, I do remember BBC Parliament in it’s more reduced size. How many people actually watch BBC Parliament?? I watched it for the first time back in July, only to see the Murdoch’s and Rebekah Brooks both being interrogated by the Culture Select Committee (which was an enjoyable watch). I suppose it’s watched by the ‘elite’ so, like BBC Radio 3, is a must have!


  67. James Says:

    Wedding TV is still listed on the official Freesat TV guide (


  68. steve 1 Says:

    James freesat are slow updating info apart from this took a month to remove about Wimbledon off the 999 channel


  69. Neil Says:

    Everything suggests the removal of Wedding TV is a temporary one.


  70. Phil Says:

    It seems Wedding TV has returned to Channel 400 and also Sonlife TV has been added to 695..
    Can’t check as my nieces have control of the remote….


  71. Mediaman Says:

    Slightly off topic but talks are being held between Ofcom and STV about STV taking over the Southern Scotland area possibly as early as next year which is part of the delay over STV HDs launch on Freesat. Ofcom want the takeover of the area before full digital switchover. There should be mention in the press very soon.


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