Update Scan – 18/08/11

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

0 added –
1 deleted – 400 Wedding TV
13 changed – 142 True Entertainmnent, 302 True Movies 1, 303 True Movies 2, 500 Chart Show TV, 501 The Vault, 502 Flava, 503 Scuzz, 516 NME TV, 517 Bliss, 603 Pop, 604 Pop Girl, 605 Tiny Pop, 606 Kix! frequency change (to 11307 V 27500 2/3)

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  1. I bet they’ll need big dishes to receive Astra 2D and (soon) 1N over there!!!

    I personally can’t see it going by Panasonic’s let down to it’s 2008 customers but they did say September so lets see for once if they hold their promises. All my sets are 2009 models and when promised Sept ’10 for our iPlayer upgrade, in fairness, they did deliver.

  2. They didn’t say it would be out September. They said it wouldn’t be out before September (in quite a rudely-worded email if I remember correctly).

  3. Ah, I didn’t realise that! I guess we’ll know nearer to the time what’s to come, if anything at all!

  4. …Dancing to the birdie song is quite funny actually 🙂

    I’m told by the guy who runs a satellite dish installation company near here, that all the 28.2/.5 signals from the Astra 2 series and Eurobird 1, are receivable and with half decent signal, but the size of the dish yes… Large!!!! I’m getting most of it right now thanks to SkyGo (Lent to me by a mate..Im not cheating 🙂 ) But will be getting the dish sorted as i now work here and not the UK.. I miss my Freesat box weirdly enough!

  5. The panasonic website currently states that they anticipate having a software update for the 2008 model in september. A tad too late as far as I am concerned, I have just sold mine along with my panasonic blu-ray home cinema system. Needless to say my new equipment is not panasonic.

  6. I’m even more happy with that! Although i have to say, i have missed the BBC World News channel, which IMO is streets ahead of the BBC News channel!
    I’ll take ads over the rigid boring BBC News channel any day, although having it would be ok i suppose. But getting the RedButton stuff will be a bigger bitch for me and the many folks that are abroad. Although to their credit, the BBC has said its to get it on the tighter 2D bird!
    Will need, at minimum, a 1.5 meter dish to get 2D and most likely the same for 1N aswell, although a 2meter i think would be more than good enough.

  7. I find BBC World News ok for more international stories but for domestic stuff the BBC News channel does it for me. I’m wondering if TP13 (what will carry BBC Radio + red button ETV streams) is to remain on 2A as they’ve not said anything about it changing transponder or going spotbeam (on 1N).

  8. To admin true entertainment are showing repeats of at home with the braithwaites and it was on at 9pm with a adult content warning on this channel and its on again at 6am without a warning has it been edited?

  9. The BBC seem to be in survival mode. Don’t expect any new services from the BBC this side of the 2015 election.

  10. It’s the BBC Trust who are making them reduce their distribution costs and the Red Button ETV streams were pointed out as an area where savings can be made. With newer Encoders and VBR stat-muxing they can easily fit seven services in to all their 2D transponders, I guess all seven ETV streams are seldom used at the same time too so most people won’t notice if two of them drop.

    They are removing one of the mosaics too, an entertainment/childrens one I believe, the news mosaic is to remain. I’d like to hope the news multiscreen mosaic will finally make it’s way to Freesat but that would be just wishful thinking and TV as we know it will probably become obsolete before it happens!!

  11. To @61 freeview had BBC news multiscreen but its been dropped its not that important with the news channel going in a loop and the BBC could spend the money elsewhere

  12. It is nice though to be able to catch the weather when you want it + other clips of rolling headlines etc. Maybe that’s the reason it’s never arrived on Freesat as it’s the next thing to face the chop?

    I never knew it ever existed on Freeview? If it did then they obviously got rid of it to save some bandwidth, just like they did with Ch.302 (the second interactive ETV stream).

  13. It did exist on Freeview, yes. It started out life with two screens, sharing a quarter-screen stream with BBC Parliament (but MHEG was very limited back then, so there wasn’t enough physical space on the MHEG captions to make use of all 4 potential streams, so one was left blank – as video could not be moved or resized).

    Then I think it moved on to something a lot more Sky-like – I wasn’t really paying attention to Freeview at that time. Not sure how many video streams it had then.

    And finally, it was disabled and removed around the same time as 302 was.

    The video stream was always linked to 303, but it wasn’t accessible directly. The channel is still there pre-DSO at least, I think it’s the channel that the Mux B MHEG is associated with so it has to stay.

  14. Cheers Muser, now you mention it, I do remember BBC Parliament in it’s more reduced size. How many people actually watch BBC Parliament?? I watched it for the first time back in July, only to see the Murdoch’s and Rebekah Brooks both being interrogated by the Culture Select Committee (which was an enjoyable watch). I suppose it’s watched by the ‘elite’ so, like BBC Radio 3, is a must have!

  15. James freesat are slow updating info apart from this site.it took a month to remove about Wimbledon off the 999 channel

  16. It seems Wedding TV has returned to Channel 400 and also Sonlife TV has been added to 695..
    Can’t check as my nieces have control of the remote….

  17. Slightly off topic but talks are being held between Ofcom and STV about STV taking over the Southern Scotland area possibly as early as next year which is part of the delay over STV HDs launch on Freesat. Ofcom want the takeover of the area before full digital switchover. There should be mention in the press very soon.

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