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Apr 19 2011

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

1 added – 126 CH4 HD
0 deleted –
0 changed –

15 Responses to “Update Scan – 19/04/11”

  1. neil Says:



  2. Mike Bannister Says:

    It’s there i’m watching it now!


  3. Declan Hancock. Says:

    no joy here in Rep Ireland even after reinstall:((


  4. Declan Hancock. Says:

    Channel 4HD is there however signal coming and going ,probably teething problems..first day and all that:)


  5. murt Says:

    4hd is here in ireland watchin it for the last week


  6. Derek B Says:

    I’ve got the channel in Scotland but the picture is rubbish all pixlie & reporting “No or bad signal”


  7. Richard Crichton Says:

    I’m in Fife. Picture is perfect.


  8. soOdd Says:

    Picture and Sound Perfect in Dublin but there is no EPG and its coming up as a non-freesat Service, anyone else have this problem?


  9. satom Says:


    just seen seems everything apart from 1 freesat info has left 11428 (freesat home) – any idea what they are up to with that tp?


  10. Neil Says:

    satom: SID’s 10500 – 10503 all have individual data PID’s but 10501’s PID (3101) is linked to all other SID’s outside of 10500, 10501 and 10503.

    Those Radio services have been inactive for a while I think, suspect they have cleared these if Freesat own the Txp as they are no longer renting bandwidth from it. Alternatively Freesat may have rented bandwidth to new services on there, who knows?


  11. steve Says:

    looking good here down in sussex on the Humax


  12. colm Says:

    any word of rte coming to freesat?


  13. nick Says:

    trying to watch sixth sense but definately need one to watch it. sound good picture rubbish, just stops, at the moment still of a bathroom carpet!!


  14. nick Says:

    picture just a still of a bathroom floor in sixth sense but sound good. don’t understand this as it is satelite and all should be the same wherever we are


  15. john Says:

    when does itvplayer arrive on freesat got goodmans


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