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Oct 19 2010

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

1 added – 136 CBS Reality+1
0 deleted
14 changed – 135 CBS Drama moved to 134, 136 CBS Realiy moved to 135, BBC transponder changes

14 Responses to “Update Scan – 19/10/10”

  1. Neil Says:

    Good to see more and more being added, we’ve had three updates with channel additions so far this Month which is good, shows the platform is picking up in momentum. BBC1HD should be with us on the 3rd too.


  2. fsn6b Says:

    are we next to expect the other timeshift channels of those available on Freesat

    i.e. PopGirl +1, Tiny Pop+1, Showcase +1, Infomation TV +1


  3. Neil Says:

    Showcase+1 and Info TV+1 won’t be appearing as they are holding channels for Sky’s EPG. Showcase 2 should appear soon’ish though.


  4. Mark S Says:

    Any news from Humax re software updates?


  5. chrislayeruk Says:

    Mark, does this help.

    Software updates will be broadcasting for the following products within the next month:-

    HD & HDR-FOX T2, week commencing the 18th of October
    HD-FOX T2: Single Tuner PVR, with standard PVR features (new download)
    HDR-FOX T2: Various issues and features updated (new download)
    FOXSAT HD & HDR, late October
    FOXSAT HD & HDR: Various issues and features updated (new download)
    PVR9200T, PVR9150T, PVR9300T mid November
    PVR9200T, PVR9150T, PVR9300T: version v.23 (already broadcast 6 times

    Register to get emails. Chris


  6. Phil Says:

    I am in the middle of a move so at the moment my freesat box isnt plugged in. When I plug in my box will I need to do a first time install again or will it update on its own eventually


  7. satom Says:

    the two bbc regions seem to have left 10.847 V


  8. roger Says:

    phil#6-I would imagine depending on how far you have moved it would be sensible for you to type in your new postcode and scan for channels,this way you’d get all the appropriate regional variations for your new address.


  9. Shaun Says:

    any signs of the Electric Sofa’s channels that were due to start 1st Nov (not sure preliminary on Sky first, followed by Freesat)

    • Film GB
    • Electric Sofa’s General Movie channel
    • Electric Sofa’s General Entertainment channel


  10. Neil Says:

    Admin: Looks like we’ll be due another update tomorrow with the launch of QVC Beauty on 816


  11. Neil Says:

    Make that today as it’s after midnight!!!


  12. Shaun Says:

    Whatever happened to Horse & Country, that was supposed to appear in June 2010 (after Rural TV went of air) ?


  13. Neil Says:

    They were in discussions about joining the platform but I hear they are now in a bit of financial trouble so doubt this will happen. It wouldn’t surprise me if they disappear completely from Satellite too soon sadly.


  14. Terry Says:

    When will we have channell 4 HD as it is alredy offered on freeview plus and any news on a channel 5 HD. Also what about 5US


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