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Sep 20 2011

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

1 added – 518 Massive R&B
0 deleted –
0 changed –

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46 Responses to “Update Scan – 20/09/11”

  1. bryan Says:

    just wanted to be the first to say well done every channel helps


  2. Mark S Says:

    Looks like BBC transponder changes on Thursday


  3. steve 1 Says:

    I had to do a manual scan on humax again I thought it was auto mark s what we will that mean to us?did they do that a few months ago with the bbchd channels?


  4. Mark S Says:

    Yeah it’s automatic if you wait til 3am for new channels to be added. BBC Alba, News and Parliament switching transponders so another retune Thursday 22nd.


  5. steve 1 Says:

    I got you 3am tomorrow won’t make a bit of difference to us changing the transponder will it?


  6. Neil Says:

    Nice to see another music channel on the platform, would also like Dancenation on board too which is the only CSC channel from their portfolio missing.


  7. steven wallace Says:

    not my cup of tea. but agree with no1, every channel helps with sales, which means more channels will come aboard.


  8. steve 1 Says:

    @5 myself .what I mean is the transponder changing won’t be a benefit to us we won’t notice a change in our viewing.or will we?


  9. Mark S Says:

    Steve, should update transponder changes automatically at 3am. More info on BBC red button page 998.


  10. steve 1 Says:

    I think our music channels are good bliss and vault plus others but don’t you think freeview ones are rubbish


  11. Nikki L Says:

    Nice to see new channels,not a big fan of R & B though.Would like to see Eurosport UK coming on Freesat.
    I havent had Freesat long,but i think its very good.


  12. Phil Says:

    @ Nikki L 11…
    I doubt we will ever see Eurosport UK or in any other format. But a sports channel would be nice. And a documentary channel.


  13. Digiwatcher Says:

    Any new channel is good news but why dont they fill in the missing epg numbers from 505 – 508 or 510 – 513 when adding new channels.


  14. Alan Says:

    I totally agree, with the 2 million veiwers now, surely it would be attractive to the channels to launch???


  15. monkeymaniac Says:

    I think there are plenty and enough sports channels to choose from, and we don’t need any more.


  16. bryan Says:

    @15 monkeymaniac Can you point me to one, just one, sports channel on freesat


  17. steve 1 Says:

    If the humax software update to sort the mess out is just around the corner I would of thought they must know a actual date by now.where has neil gone again!


  18. Richard T. Says:

    I see many shops and dept stores are selling TVs and recording equipments with Freeview function but not many with Freesat. Does it mean Freesat is phasing out gradually. I bought a TV with Freesat built in, but now there are not many Freesat recorders to choose from. Any suggestion? Thanks.


  19. steve 1 Says:

    To Richard t.freeview has been around almost ten years now so the choice of boxes has grown.freesat is a new comer really on the hole freesat are better boxes with more bigger makes making them.there are some freeview makes I never heard of.freesat is hear to is snowballing all the time.2 million customers already!


  20. steve 1 Says:

    When humax sort this software issue out it will be good.I still think its the best box around.


  21. Tony Hales Says:

    No problems with the Technisat HDFS the best single tuner PVR Box. Powered on box at 6pm yesterday (20th Sept) after having been powered off at the mains since the previous evening and Massive R&B was already in the EPG.
    Nice to see Massive are using full SD resolution.


  22. Nikki L Says:

    I would like to see a sports channel on freesat


  23. steve 1 Says:

    Dave channel and a history channel as well its just something else to watch when there is nothing on the main dad can’t get enough of quest would be good as well


  24. Mark Says:

    I’m not a fan of R&B but as others have said, it’s fantastic that there is another channel on the platform.

    Personally, I think it would be better to juggle the music channel numbers. Put Vintage TV under the others followed by the niche channels of B4U and Zing. (I said niche as to hopefully not offend anyone!)

    The best we have as a sports channel at the moment, and probably forever, is ITV4 and the BBC red button.

    I’d personally like to see Yesterday and Quest.

    I have both Freesat & Freeview but rarely switch to Freeview.


  25. Mark S Says:

    Massive R&B on screen ticker says “A massive welcome to all the viewers on freesat!”


  26. Dan Says:

    What they call R & B isn’t. R & B is Rhythm & Blues, just watch the Blues Brothers to see the real stuff.

    Anyways…….more new channels means more support fro Freesat.


  27. Al Holden Says:

    I agree with some views here,we need a dedicated sports channel,or maybe a sports news channel would be a good alternative.But what chance of that happening?


  28. SL Says:

    Theres no chance of a sports channel as all the sports are exclusive, it would be a massive gamble and would probably end up bankrupt as theyd only get niche sports.


  29. Mediaman Says:

    There are plenty of legal Internet sports channels that broadcast the same programming as SKY and although I don’t see a Sports channel officially appearing on the EPG perhaps through an Internet connection more sport will be available. SKY may try to stop this happening but if the broadcast was coming from outside the UK through the net there’s not a lot SKY can do about it. It would be a legal minefield if SKY decided to take it to court and not good for Freesat.

    What Freesat really needs is an exclusive channel carrying the Freesat name and carrying a mix of quality programming. At the moment when many people see Freesat they think Freesat from SKY. A channel carrying the Freesat name would provide constant advertising for Freesat’s EPG. Hopefully with Christmas around the corner Freesat will advertise themselves this is only Freesat’s real problem lack of promoting their excellent product.


  30. shane Says:

    Adapt your dish to receive 19deg east and you will get plently free sport including eurosport. (German commentry, but sport is sport in any language)


  31. Matthew Says:

    Unless Eurosport or Premier Sports go free to air(Unlikely) you’l never see a sports channel, and Sky have a monopoly on most UK sports now anyway so the stuff they’d be able to show would be limited.

    On the plus side, Sky dont have a monopoly on NBA, or NFL, so someone could do a channel with those, just damn itd be expensive.


  32. admin Says:

    Might be wrong but think ESPN hold all rights to NBA and NFL in this country, so that won’t be possible as they are in the back pockets of Sky too.


  33. steven Says:

    hi i think there are to many music channels on


  34. steve 1 Says:

    Steven @33 its good to have a choice in music.everyone likes other types of music. I think our music channels are good freeview has 2 only and they are rubbish


  35. steve 1 Says:

    Neil@6 is dancenation on non freesat mode?can any non freesat channels be put on the platform or we need permission how does it work legally?


  36. Muzer Says:

    @steve 1: It is in non-Freesat mode. Basically, Freesat charge for being on the EPG, per channel (despite being a not-for-profit organisation, they still have to collect money to break even, and to ensure the broadcaster has a reasonable standard (usually having money to spend on an EPG slot is enough to show they are serious :p)).

    So it would be against their policy to offer free EPG carriage to someone – they’d have to buy another EPG slot for Dance Nation, and I’m sure the costs add up for CSC Media. If they did offer a free slot, I’m pretty sure all the other broadcasters who pay for all their slots would have something to say about it :p


  37. Mark S Says:

    BBC news have been mentioning they are doing work on the satellite feeds this morning and some freesat viewers may need to retune.
    That will be Humax boxes then, or wait for 3am for it to rescan.


  38. Muzer Says:

    According to a DS poster, doing a manual retune now will get Alba, News and Parliament on the new frequencies.


  39. steve 1 Says:

    I have put ch200 BBC news channel and its working without the work complete yet admin? P.s humax pvr owner


  40. Mark S Says:

    Steve, no Humax is still on the old frequency unless you go to freesat tune and rescan, or wait 12 hours.


  41. steve 1 Says:

    Thanks mark s I will wait till auto tune.admin must be having a rest


  42. steve 1 Says:

    Only joking admin


  43. Neil Says:

    Steve/Muser – Dancenation is the only CSC channel left not on the platform excluding timeshifts so I expect it will arrive. Maybe they’ll have the dosh once they’ve sold that ‘?TV’ LCN on Sky’s platform which they appear to be brokering for someone.


  44. martyn Says:

    look foward to het my free sat fit on this wed as i her it relly good to have as my tv arial on my roof is not workingt as it should do so look for to my free sat come on this wed.


  45. admin Says:

    No offence intended but I have absolutely no idea what you said!


  46. Matthew Says:

    I thnik Martyn is saying he is getting his freesat installed on Wednesday as he heard it was good, also mentionng his aerial is dodgy so he is looking forward to Wednesday, sounds like he’s moving from freeview to freesat to me. As he commented on his aerial.


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