56 thoughts on “Update Scan – 23/07/12”

  1. Neil said:
    That’s odd the Humax won’t record these streams, I’m going to try on my Panny BS750 later. Is this the first time something actually works on Panasonic hardware which doesn’t on Humax!
    Seriously though, what would there be bug-wise preventing these channels from recording? They are like any other channel on the platform with Freesat EPG data, I presume, embedded in the Transport Stream by the relavant data PID’s. It is poor if the Humax won’t record them considering this makes up about 60-70% of users hardware.

    admin said it’s the same with Sky boxes so I’m rather sceptical about it being purely a Humax problem. Will try to record with my Technisat.

  2. That’s true, just the Freesat twitter messages seemed to suggest it only affected Humax users. Does this mean you can’t pause any of the live programming on these channels too?

  3. Neil
    Confirming Olympic 1 and 2 record OK on my Technisat so I don’t know why they won’t work on the Humax.

  4. Unbelievable. There are people on Fleabay selling information on how to get the Freesat channels on Sky boxes without a card (shock horror) and using the Freesat logo in their ads.

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