Update Scan – 26/07/11

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

1 added – 903 ITV Player (Humax receivers only at the moment)
0 deleted –
0 changed –

25 thoughts on “Update Scan – 26/07/11”

  1. I’ve had no notification from my equipment to tell me that there has been anything added. Without this site, you could be completely unaware of any new channels being added.

    Can anyone tell me if this is going to be addressed by Humax in the near future?

  2. To john naylor it was part of the humax software update. I agree even though its better that you don’t have to add manually you can’t tell they should of flashed some info up to tell us.

  3. You could email humax I don’t think there is nothing in the pipeline.receiving broadcasting information when you are trying to record and the problem you mentioned are the only 2 flaws.

  4. Freesat should be telling us about changes using their information channel 999 but they seem very selective as to what they place on there.

  5. Very slow loading, sometimes it does not load at all, just a black screen, even after 30 sec.

  6. Patience may be required as I have it perfectly here in Central Bedfordshire and welcome on board 903 . So glad I opted for Humax.

  7. Anybody else experiencing the following problem today?

    My Humax PVR is refusing to delete recordings giving the message “Cannot delete file due to file restrictions”, then after trying to delete a file all my recordings disappear from the media list until the box is rebooted. Tried rebooting various times and factory reset to no avail. Is it just my box or has anyone else had this problem since the last updates?

  8. @5 to get rid of subtitles that appear in chase play press ok and the ok again subtitiles will be removed.

  9. any ideas here ?

    I am getting no channels on my Humax Foxsat HDR box between channels 999 ( freesat info) and 986 ( Teletext )

    As I understand it, there should now be 901 ( BBC iPlayer ) and 903 ( ITV player)

    I am up to date with software, and I’ve done a new freesat channel scan. Although the channel scan DOES show channels 900, 901 and 903 as listed – they do not appear on the EPG nor are available to select via channel number on the remote.

    These channels do show up via the ‘Guide’ button under ‘On Demand’ option, but do not open.

    Channel 901 has appeared before and worked OK.
    I have also used the ITV Player via channel 999 before but now, I cannot access either player via their dedicated channel.

    I can still get BBC iPlayer via the red button on BBC channels, but I am wondering why 901 and 903 are not available as they should be.

  10. In the Daily Mail TV Guide of 2nd August there was an entry for something called The Really Channel on Freesat 20, yet I can see no entries for it and my Humax Freesat+ box hasn’t updated. Normally when I turn the box on after it’s been in standby, when there are channel changes I get an option to update but I haven’t seen this for months. Any ideas?


  11. @17

    The really Channel is on Sky and Virgin not Freesat.
    UKTV announced that Really would launch on Freeview channel 20 on 2 August 2011.

  12. @17

    Sorry missed out this… if your on the latest software update for the Humax it auto updates overnight so no more manual update of channels!

    At the moment there is no info provided when you switch on the Humax on any auto update so you will have to keep viewing this site for the latest!

  13. Same problem as Adrian Lucas, lost BBC IPlayer etc. any word from Freesat People on problem?

  14. My humax would not let me record you know you got to wait till the tv comes behind the screen well it didn’t I kept on waiting and waiting

  15. I currently get 131 TV and 38 radio, on the Samsung. I live in greater London. Maybe my dish needs re-aligning……again.

  16. SPOT the IDIOT

    …. yep, it was me!

    As I stated in my first post, I could not find BBC iPlayer nor ITV Player between channels 999 ( freesat info ) and 986 ( teletex )

    doh !! That’s coz they are at 901 and 903.

    When I actually looked in the RIGHT place …. there they were!

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