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  1. It would be nice to have more European channels like DWTV from Germany which is free on SKY as it has good English spoken programmes : news,car reviews and topical documentaries, have emailed them to encourage them to join Freesat.
    you can see it on line on http://www.dw-world.de/dw/0,,9103,00.html

  2. In December 2009 I purchased an LG TV with built in Freesat and a standard Freeview tuner as well as the bog standard Terrestrial tuner. It’s a full 1080p set and replaced an old Phillips 26” CRT that had given me years of sterling service. I now also have a Sky + HD box and contract, which replaced a basic Sky box.
    With growing bemusement I have been reading a number of posts on this site, whilst it is refreshing to see there are a lot of reasonable folks out there it seems to me that a number are missing some points
    • Paying for something will generally give you more choice and options than a freebie – Freesat will never have as many HD or Sports channels as Sky precisely for that reason.
    • From what I understand Freesat cannot force broadcasters to join Freesat – the cost is £30,000 a ‘pop’. Much better to email the broadcaster and start a campaign than to keep emailing Freesat.
    • There’s more to life than postings on whether EPGs are up-to-date – again see 1st point and consider investing a £1 on a TV and Satellite mag.
    • Keep Calm and Cheer up – my TV is a time machine and I can see everything from just 5 channels in dodgy terrestrial quality to 100’s in digital/HD – brilliant! What an improvement Freeview/Freesat/Sky et al is on just 5 channels?
    • Kevin (13, 34, 45, 47 & 50) Are you dyslexic or is there a fault with your keyboard?

  3. i just send a email to dw-world see if tham give us the channels to join freesat on the epg i am just wait to get a reply back ok please can you reply back thankyou freesat team

  4. if freesat wants to gain more viewers then they will have to compete with at least freeview who are quite frankly with the introduction of their hd capability offering a better choice. lets cater for the majority first and then introduce minority choice

  5. @ bj
    The stated purpose of Freesat is to serve people who cannot get Freeview at all or are on a relay transmitter which carry a cut down Freeview service.
    It is not a matter of competing for viewers. As for Freeview HD there is no coverage at all where I live and will not be until June 2011 so I would completely miss the world cup in HD if I only had Freeview HD.
    I can get more than 200 channels with my Freesat box that I cannot get on my Freeview box and three HD channels so to say Freeview offers a better choice is a matter of opinion not a matter of fact. By the time Freeview HD is available in my region Freesat will have at least as many HD channels as Freeview if not more.

  6. I would recommend going for both Freesat and Freeview on the belt and braces principle. I wonder just how often local transmitters fail? On numerous occasion my local transmitter has failed. Sometimes due to power cuts and sometimes technical faults. In the past I had to view channels from other transmitters. Now I have Freesat it is no longer an issue.

    Conversely it is worth having Freeview should the Freesat receiver fail. I know they are cheap enough to replace if they fail but the chances are it will fail at Christmas or at a time money is short.

    By the way is there an equivalent website to ‘Join Freesat’ for Freeview?

  7. selling my humax hd box.feel very let down by freesat all added channels are garbage.going to fill up with shopping and religion what a load of rubbish.
    one good channel itv hd.as for bbc hd whats the point they have the most money and provide a part time service.

  8. #62 ANTHONY

    Good luck selling your Humax STB – but you’re misguided, you know. If you’d done any research (like watching FTA channels on $ky, or talking to a man who has) you would have learnt two things :-

    1) Virtually all of the FTA stuff is rubbish. Of the channels on Freesat, fresh programmes come from the 5 terrestrial channels, with the rest raiding the archives and living on repeats. The shopping and religious channels on Freesat cost us nothing – in either cash or satellite bandwidth. Those in the EPG do, however. put £30,000pa each into Freesat’s coffers to help pay for improvements, so we should welcome them. You don’t have to watch them and, unless you go looking for trouble, you’re hardly aware that they’re there.

    2) Freesat and Freeview are two heads of the same monster and, apart from friendly rivalry, they are not in competition. Freesat was added to the range to ensure that people who live in areas of difficult terrestrial reception get a good reliable signal after Digital Switch Over. The different technologies involved in terrestrial and satellite broadcasting allow the two services to experiment with ways of improving their offerings. Freesat rents space on SES satellites and has to obey their rules. In addition, the providers of services such as HD tend to be dependent on $ky for their income and, in return, they sign contracts with $ky which prevents them going FTA.

    You seem to find ITV1-HD a good channel. Most of their output is upscaled SD, which your TV probably does anyway. And it’s a simulcast of their regular output, which I do not like or watch. BBC-HD is available during the hours when most people watch TV and the mix of programmes makes it a serious alternative to their other channels. I just wonder how many 5-year olds feel the benefit of HD during the late afternoon.

    I hope you get a good price for your Humax STB. I wonder how long it will be before you buy a replacement. Are you a $ky subscriber (yet)?

  9. Perhaps ANTHONY does not intent to watch the WORLD CUP footy in free HD on ITV and BBC. 🙁
    Freesat is what it is and does what it says on the box. Malcontents can always subscribe to Virgin, BT or Sky if they are unhappy,there is no need to tell us about it on this site. I had Sky myself but spent most of the time watching the BBC channels as that is where the quality programmes are found.Rubbish in HD or 3D for that matter is still rubbish.

  10. Charlie @65

    ITV 1 HD is on channel 119 on the Freesat EPG, if your receiver is a Freesat (not FTA) then this channel will be shown on the EPG.

    You need a HD receiver and at least a HD Ready TV to watch this in HD.

  11. @Robert Hudson. Did you earlier post contain the Arabic for “go boil your head”? That will come in handy!

  12. In reply to the person who says they have freesat but cannot afford an HD tv you must have spent at least £160 on your box and installation. a new 32″ lcd from argos by alba is only £279 and has a surprisingly good picture, is full HD and actually looks very nice i.e. not cheap looking i have one and was surprised at the quality

  13. #68 – Paul

    Whilst you can get a 720p-ready 32″ from, say, EBuyer, for much less than £279, the folklore says you won’t see much benefit from HD under 37″. HD does not currently provide access to any programmes which are not available in SD – so is it worth the expenditure and the risk of dominating your room with an oversized TV just to watch what’s already available in SD?

    Last night the BBC devoted over 3 hours of HD time to that Eurovision cr*p where, seemingly, we came last again. Who in their right mind is going to spend serious money to watch stuff like that in HD?

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