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Aug 31 2011

Latest update scan on all Freesat receivers

2 added – 400 Wedding TV, 695 Sonlife
0 deleted –
0 changed –

51 Responses to “Update Scan – 31/08/11”

  1. Ian Vallender Says:

    Looks like the deletion of wedding tv last update had been a mistake well at least its been rectified not that i watch Wedding tv. now i’d love to see channels like travel channel join freesat guide. i already have it in my extra channels list.


  2. Neil Says:

    Will check out Sonlife shortly, presume it’s a religious channel? We’ve not had much in the way of channel additions recently but I think we’ll be in for an interesting few Months ahead with 1N’s imminent arrival.

    I too would like to see the Travel Channel added as it’s one of the more interesting non-freesat channels, I’m surprised why they’ve not already come on board? Maybe they are waiting for Freesat’s unit sales to hit a benchmark figure they’ve deemed will be viable business-wise? We must be close to the 2million mark shortly I guess?


  3. Bob Says:

    Oh Great! Jimmy Swaggart!!


  4. Paul Says:

    Oh great – Jimmy Swaggart – as if the world [and Freesat] needed yet another loon rummaging for money! Lets not kid ourselves, that is what all this mumbo jumbo is about.

    Of course, Frank Zappa loved to point out the hypocrisy of these clowns. Zappa composed parodies of three The Beatles songs, Norwegian Wood, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and Strawberry Fields Forever with new lyrics all about the televangelism sex scandals and Jimmy Swaggart in the 1980’s. Due to copyright problems [Michael Jackson objected] these parodies haven’t appeared on CD yet, but can be found on several bootleg albums.



  5. steve 1 Says:

    What is going on with humax manual scan again for these channels this software update is 1 step forward 4 steps back sort it out humax.if it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t know I got new channels.what about people without the internet? Aleast we had a banner before.


  6. jamie Says:

    Hi does anybody know the frequency to add the travel channel in non free sat mode? thanks..


  7. Rosco Says:

    Travel – 12560V 27500 2/3
    Travel + 1 11261H 27500 2/3

    You might find this site worth bookmarking:


  8. Shaun Says:

    whens ITV Player comming – almost a month its been available for Humax owners – what about the others….


  9. jamie Says:

    Thanks Rosco :-)


  10. Neil Says:

    It appears from various reports that ‘Massive R’n’B’ is joining the music shortly too, this was previously known as WTF until they rebranded it.


  11. Dave Clarke Says:

    I am going mad !! Have an Astra Satellite/ DIsh which was giving an excellent picture here in Spain with a 1 Metre Dish, for Sky News, CNN, BBC and other Channels. Now I cannot get True Movies, have moved frequency to 11307 V 27500 with 28.2, but still no True Movies, can anyone offer assistance please?
    I have not moved the Dish and believe it to be in the same position.


  12. Tony Says:

    11 Dave Clarke,
    If your still not getting them after a re tune & missing any other channels I would consider changing your Lnb , they are very cheap now and its worth a try . You can get a good one from around £15…



  13. steve 1 Says:

    Did any other humax owners had to do a manual scan?I thought is was automatic now


  14. kevin mc c Says:

    When I bought 2 of the Humax boxes for my Dad and I it was because I thought I wouldnt have to keep doing scans, I dont mind but my Dad does not know how to do the scan. Its not on HUMAX.


  15. Keith Says:

    I have a HD Humax box and I had put the channels in maunally.


  16. steve 1 Says:

    It was manual before the update aleast we had the banner.when are we going to have the big software update to iron all the problems out


  17. John Hereford Says:

    My Foxsat-HDR has updated OK on the auto setting.


  18. steve 1 Says:

    Is there a auto setting where is it?I though it was included with the update


  19. John Hereford Says:

    18. Steve 1. Sorry, but I may have confused the issue – I was referring to the automatic software update function within the “setup” section of the menu, not an automatic channel update.


  20. footy Says:

    My Humax HDR updated automatically-just checked.


  21. ian Says:

    Mr Admin… A new poll perhaps? This one has been around for so long its got grandkids and a pension!!! :)


  22. Neil Says:

    A poll to see what previously those purchasing Freesat equipment had would be interesting, eg:

    Migrating/churning Sky customers (to replace Sky equipment)
    Virgin Media (to replace or complement)
    Ex-Analogue (purchased at switchover)
    Existing DTT (Freeview)
    Existing Sky subscribers wanting Freesat for second/third room

    Just a thought…


  23. ian Says:

    Would a HD section of the EPG be better than the scattered HD positioned channels right now?
    Like for instance, have a reshuffle, so the channels then able to be grouped together, while leaving space for future HD channel launches and being able to slot the sister channels side by side perhaps?

    Just a thought….


  24. ian Says:

    BTW, dish is up, but no 2D :( Signal & quality at 5-8%….


  25. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Ian 23

    After spending the weekend with my parents I am glad to get back to Freesat EPG. My parents have a Sky receiver and the vast majority of channels shown are unavailable unless you pay a subscription. Also the menu always defaults back to the first page!


  26. Neil Says:

    Ian, what size dish are you using? You’d probably need a 2.4m in Slovenia for 2D with a 1mtr for 2A/B and EB1. If you combine these together with an IRS D/A you’d be able to balance the incoming levels so you don’t overload the Freesat receiver’s front-end with too much RF.

    Kevin: my parents used to be in the same position before they got a Humax Foxsat. Have they recently cancelled Sky and dropped down to FSFS? Treat them to a Freesat STB.


  27. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Neil 26

    My parents have been on Sky for a long time but I believe they only had the basic sub for the minimum period. They currently have an old CRT TV but they plan to purchase a large HD set as they can barely read subtitles on their current TV.

    I have suggested that they get a TV with a Freesat receiver as they live in an area with poor terrestrial reception. That way they will get HD transmissions.


  28. Neil Says:

    Probably a good idea Kevin, maybe a Panasonic or one of the new Samsung’s then it’s all built in one if you catch my drift.


  29. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Neil

    A TV with built in Freesat is just what I meant. They are not in any rush at the moment so I will keep an eye out for a decent TV which is value for money.


  30. Neil Says:

    Film4 are currently asking, via twitter, whether people would like to see Film4HD and on which platform and why.

    It could be worth dropping them a line expressing your interest folks as I know there’s a fair few people here, like myself, that would like to see Film4 in HD on the platform.


  31. Mediaman Says:

    Movies 24 and Universal are currently FTA. You can tune them in on 11307 H 27500. I wonder if there coming to Freesat sometime in the future.
    Sorry slightly of topic.


  32. Richard Crichton Says:

    No suprise I suppose. Ofcon has found room for a fifth HD channel on Freeview. Personally I like my films without commercial breaks and not so old so it’s a thumbs down from me for Film 4 HD on Freesat.


  33. Neil Says:

    Yep, I read the Ofcom application info last night (or should I say just over half of it). Only the PSB’s can apply for it, so that’s an ITV region, C4 region, C5 or S4C. Unless C5 don’t apply again this time, which is unlikely considering the now change of ownership, then it’s a dead cert they’ll get it. I guess this will also potentially open the door for the service to go FTA on Satellite too, all depends on what contractual deal is in place with Sky I suppose although did hear a whisper it included a clause of exclusion from Freeview for what was on the table at the time. Interesting Ofcom and the BBC reckon they’ll be able to still offer top quality pictures at very low bitrates, not convinced myself!

    I know what you mean about the ad breaks on Film4 but overall it’s not a bad channel, also DOG-free too which for a FTA channel is a bonus!


  34. Richard Crichton Says:

    You notice I wrote Ofcon and not Ofcom as Ofcon is a more apt name.I would certainly prefer Film 4HD to CH5 HD.
    Got a Samsung Smart Hub Blu-ray player recently which has Lovefilm,Picasa,YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and BBCiplayer. Lovefilm would be a good addition for Freesat to have.


  35. Phil Says:

    Universal Channel and Movies 24 FTA ….. for now at least… So make the most of it and enjoy…

    11307 H 27500 2/3

    52255 Showing Universal

    53360 Showing Universal +

    52265 Showing Movies 24

    52270 Showing Movies 24 … Ireland..


  36. Tony Says:

    Lets hope these channels are an early christmas present and a push for new people joining freesat… with the likes of film4 hd coming soon (hopefully) and also channel 5 sister channels possibly in the very near future things are looking very good…


  37. Phil Says:

    @ Tony 36.
    I doubt they will be free for long as the are also encrypted on 11343 V and 11390 V, So maybe it’s just a transponder change..


  38. Phil Says:

    @ Tony 56.. Encrypted now.. :(


  39. Phil Says:

    That should be @ Tony 36….. Oops!


  40. Neil Says:

    I had a quick look at these before the Encryption returned, never expected them to stay FTA to be honest!

    Richard: Ofcon, yep, one word to describe them I guess! It will be interesting who applies for that bandwidth and I guess it will eventually end up going to C5 if they apply.

    Talking about connected TV’s, it seems Panasonic have been developing Vieracast in to Viera Connect with a more user orientated/configurable experience. It seems judging by other manufacturers that they are behind the game in the connected TV world:


  41. Muzer Says:

    Yes, my 2010 Panny G20 had an update today, I installed it, and it has indeed added the newer Viera Connect service.

    It’s basically identical to the old Viera Cast, but with a much uglier interface in my opinion, and, here’s the important bit, many, many more available providers. Though still nothing UK-centric like iPlayer. I did notice an interesting-looking free film streaming service though (in the “app” store).


  42. Neil Says:

    I’ll have to see if my 2009 Panasonic models will also do the update, I suspect so as the 2009 and 2010’s both run the same Vieracast GUI.


  43. mediaman Says:

    Universal Ireland is FTA again this morning. Another transponder change probably.


  44. Chazzer Says:

    Has there been a software update overnight regarding the Humax Foxsat HDR? (07/09/11…spookily enough coinciding with the first phase of the digital switchover in the West Midlands)?
    I know issues have been recently noted on other posts, but since yesterday it now appears that the EPG takes some 5 minutes to load (you receive a dialog box “receiving broadcast information” if you try to schedule a recording before you get the sound & ghost of the picture behind the EPG, some 5 minutes later, at which point you can schedule recordings). Previously the lag was about 10-15 seconds. Have the boys at Humax tried to fix, as it appears my Foxsat is now worst than it was.
    The only work around is to record a live programme, which fools the EPG into accepting schedule recordings, but I shouldn’t have to use a work around should I?


  45. admin Says:


    Not according to DTG, so not sure at the moment what update you have received. What software version is your box now showing?


  46. Chazzer Says:

    HPRSFCI 1.00.15 is currently showing as software version


  47. admin Says:


    That is the latest version number so doesn’t suggest any change has been made unless you were previously on 1.00.13 and your system has only just upgraded (unfortunately to the problematic software).


  48. Chazzer Says:

    Thanks, sadly I have no note of what I may have been on before yesterday. Be interesting to see if anyone else has now reported this issue.


  49. ian Says:

    I have 2D :) on a 2.8m dish although the quality is 60% ish, its stable and consistent, making me a very happy fella :) sorted the Slovene tv and all sorted too :)


  50. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Ian #49

    As the signal is digital 60% signal is going to give you the same quality as 90%. It is only on analogue you lose picture quality. It is the cliff face equation. I suffer the cliff face issue when watching Freeview. Every so often the picture goes pixelated or is lost altogether.


  51. patrick Says:

    will i get i player on my TX-32LZD81 FULL HD TV via broadband router connecting with ethernet cable soon as it does not work at present?


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