Vintage TV Set For Freesat Launch

The UK is set to get its first music and popular culture TV network targeting viewers aged over 50.

Vintage TV will launch on the Freesat platform on 1st September 2010, covering music, fashion and trends from the 1940s to 1980s. It is projecting an over-50s potential audience of 21 million (between Freesat and Sky).

About 40% of its programming will be original, including entertainment series and more than 500 specially created music videos. Archive footage from the BBC, ITN, Channel 4, Eagle Rock and DCD Rights has been acquired and a website featuring video-on-demand programming will also be launched.

55 thoughts on “Vintage TV Set For Freesat Launch”

  1. I’m not over 50 and I’m looking forward to the launch of this music channel!!!
    I’ll be tuning in at 6pm today. 😀

    I love the 80’s but also the 50’s and 60’s it’s great, and the music was better than it is today – this comes from me and I’m 28 years old.

    I like watching Bliss, Magic, vh1 classic-now MTV classic and wish they would play more of the really old stuff and now there is finally a channel that does!

  2. Just what I needed. I am 82 years young(better than being 82 yrs old!) so the Vintage TV channel sets me rocking again! I latched on to it on it`s first day on screen and I thought it was just a space filler, was I pleased to find out it was a new channel! Yeah man. Hit it! Good Golly Miss Molly and all that!. I`m gone!

  3. NBT (not before time!) I just discovered this channel two days ago and I’m a convert. At 65 I’m hoping for some real vintage tv. The choice is wide open. However, I’m puzzled that the description referred to some videos not having been made in which case a substitute is shown. I have seen videos in existence of some tracks (eg., Will you still love me tomorrow by the Shirelles) but the presenter played a mish-mash alternative. Shame.

  4. When I heard of this channel I was very interested , but then I read it was on Freesat , why ?
    I won’t be installing a dish for one channel thanks , shame though. I wonder what the percentages are now of UK households that choose FreeView instead of Freesat? I bet Freeview is the majority , so why does anyone bother with Freesat unless you live outside a signal area ? And why do broadcasters continue to choose it , is it cheaper , or is there aome kind of other benefit from bskyb ?

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